Lander Wyoming

Lander, Wyoming (WY) is located at the base of the Wind River Mountains, 5,300 feet above sea level. Between 250-300 days of brilliant blue skies and illumination from the sun is the benefit from such a high elevation. During the summer months, residents and visitors enjoy warm, dry days with cool nights for comfortable sleeping.

Centrally located, Lander, Wyoming is the southern gateway to the Shoshone National Forest and Wind River Mountains and awe-inspiring Red Desert.

Lander WyomingThe Lander community is made up of longtime residents along with people from diverse places.  Small businesses, professionals, and service people interconnect and bring life to the community.  New businesses are attracted to Lander, WY because it offers a variety and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural activities, and technical & professional expertise in a beautiful setting.  This area’s wealth of natural resources provides an opportunity in wildlife management, outfitting, ranching, forestry, and conservation.  Few places can lay claim to a culture as rich with western influence as the Wind River Country.

Historically, Lander Wyoming was created to provide protection for the newly established Wind River Reservation. Lander originated in 1869 as a small military post, Camp Augur. A few settlers moved in to ranch and farm and the crossroads became known as Pushroot. In 1875, the town of Lander was named on behalf of Colonel F.W. Lander who headed a survey of an Oregon Trail cut-off in 1857-58. His crew maintained winter quarters at nearby Fort Thompson/Camp McGraw that year. In 1884, a town site was platted and Lander became the county seat of Fremont County, also established that year.

The history of the Lander area also include the Pony Express, women’s suffrage, the first oil well in Wyoming, ranching and farming, the uranium and coal industries, and forestry. The community’s appreciation for history, culture, arts, and entertainment has manifested within the numerous businesses, organizations, and unique annual events. A large number of writers, artists and musicians make Lander their home.

*History, courtesy of the Museum of the American West