Wind River Fly Fishing Guide

Wind River Fly Fishing Guide 

Wind River Country is home to some of the best fly fishing in the country.  This guide should help get you started on your way to a successful fishing trip on your next outdoor excursion to the Wind River area.  Many resorts that tailor to outdoor adventures and offer special packages for those with little to no fly fishing experience. 


Flies Used on the Wind River 

There is an enormous selection of fly-fishing flies that can be found in any fishing tackle shop. The novice fly fisherman usually is not knowledgeable about the various types of flies and their uses, so it is very difficult to know where to start looking for flies and which kinds to buy in addition to other basics like fly fishing waders.

In fly fishing, particular types of flies are used for catching certain types of fish. These various fly types are also known as patterns, and there are numerous patterns to choose from in fly fishing. Basically, the type of flies depends on the kind of fish targeted and the surrounding conditions.

It is also helpful for beginners to learn good fly-casting techniques. A person can make use of the flies on the water by self-practicing fly casting. 


The Five Main Types of Flies for Wind River Fishing 

Listed below are basic descriptions of the major types of flies used in fly fishing.

  • Wet Fishing Flies: These fishing flies are designed to look like insects that are underneath the water’s surface. To the fish, these flies appear to be drowned insects, aquatic insects, or larvae. Wet fishing flies imitate the motion of the insects, as they appear to be swimming or drowning, and provide attractive bait for the fish.
  • Dry Fishing Flies: Most of these types of fly-fishing flies resemble insects that are floating on the water’s surface. readers should know they can also imitate frogs, snakes, or mice. Many of these flies are oiled using a product such as Gink to keep the flies on the surface. Some of them depend on the water’s surface tension for floating.
  • Nymph Fishing Flies: A nymph resembles an insect that dwells under water. Also, it has the capability of resembling larvae. Most of the nymphs are weighted so as to hold them underwater. You can find these in your local Bass Pro Shop.
  • Streamer Fishing Flies: These fly-fishing flies do not resemble insects but rather appear more like an injured fish. A streamer fly is a good choice for catching a voracious fish.
  • Poppers/Sliders: These types of fly-fishing flies are extensions of bass bugs and offshore lures and teasers. These flies are effective when the water is relatively cloudy.